Hi, I'm Ollie and this is Ollies Page.

Ollies Page has finally returned with a new look. You also may notice the tag line "developing the web" has been removed, that's because Ollies Page is more than just about web development!

Latest News

I've been accepted into the beta of Let's Encrypt and as a result Ollies Page now officially has an SSL certificate! If you are reading this over SSL, congratulations, if not click here. Ollies Page is devoted to your security and therefore follows best-practice guidelines for SSL and we have been an A+ security rating by an external auditor! (You can check out our test results of the SSL audit over at SSL Labs.)

Check out the Artificial life page I put together: here. This micro site was developed for one of my final year modules and features a fish shoaling demonstration based on Boids. Head on over to the site for more details!

The feedback model application I developed during my UROP has it's permanent homepage right here on the new site! Check out the Feedback App page.

Both the site and the technology running it are still in active development, so watch this space! Also to keep updated, please visit my blog. Other than that there is only one thing left to say, welcome back to Ollies Page!

Please note there are some display issues with Internet Explorer. If you suffer from these, please consider using an alternative browser, there are many that display this page correctly: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera

P.s. some of the issues with Internet Explorer have now been resolved, others have not.

Kind Regards
Ollie Hayman